Human Rights in Humanitarian Action



Abdalla fouda's picture

I hope to training in this topics

Funke 's picture

Educative topic every humanitarian should take.

Funke's picture

Great course.

emily's picture

would be nice to get a cirtificate

Viviane's picture

Love it! very nice refresher course.

Anonymous's picture

I like this course

Anonymous's picture

the read out is too fast and it hampers reflection and understanding.
A slides presenter should definitely speak more slowly, especially when their American accent is so strong

mach26's picture

agree with you...

Peter's picture

This short training is good

Paul Arhyel Mshelbwala's picture

The content of the mail is highly educative.

John S. Morris's picture

This training was very helpful.

CN's picture

The training is good though the read out is a bit too fast, need to reduce the speed a bit.

Ireen Mutombwa-Shumba's picture

An awesome course to humanitarian practitioners

Amagana Togo's picture

This is very informative and educative. Thanks for giving such a well organised and interactive course.

Jamal Assaify's picture

Mandatory course for humanitarian member

Gadet's picture

The topics/explanations are well designed and clear to understand.

Getachew Hussen's picture

It is intersting and very important training

Getachew Hussen's picture

very interesting and essay to understand

shariifow's picture

This training is really benefitable

Anonymous's picture

Very useful for me and i will continue further learning

nor's picture


Anonymous's picture

Very useful to humanitarian workers.

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Alex B's picture

I appreciate the comparison between human rights law and humanitarian law.

The narrator talks fast. She seems in a hurry to finish her job.

Rowan's picture

Appreciate the distinction between refugees and IDPs.

ismail mohammed idris's picture


Alex B's picture

This is excellent training to introduce the topic to those who have no idea about human rights.

Muhammed Kabir Lawal's picture

what an interesting topic

Mohamed Abdi's picture


Mohamed Abdi's picture

this course is help full

Johnson Makol Makuach 's picture

this course is very nice course and it is helpfull to me so

Rene's picture


hamse 's picture

thanks first
i am very glad to have such as like this program it was interesting subject

PENTOMIC's picture

This is a well made, very brief overview of an otherwise very complex and thus also complicated subject. However, due to its importance to humanitarians, human rights advocates, and state entities (such as the police and military, for instance) I highly recommend taking this short course. Though it does not - and does not want to - replace serious studies in the field of human rights and how Human Rights Law also relates to humanitarian aid, this course offers enough valuable information to delve deeper into this crucial subject by naming the legal frameworks and identifying some of the key concepts. Human rights as such are neither my chief domain of studies nor a prominent part of my profession, yet it does have direct as well as indirect implications to my work in security. In the end, human rights are of concern to everybody - so better have some knowledge about this important topic. Human rights are one of the world's greatest achievements. The thing that saddens me the most in that regard is our inability to enforce universal human rights globally. Once again, great course to get an overview of human rights in a nutshell.

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