"Serious" Games: Innovative Learning in the Humanitarian Sector

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Games, simulations, and role-playing exercises have become an important component of capacity building endeavors across the humanitarian sector. Additionally—as reflected in the International Committee of the Red Cross’s (ICRC’s) work with video game developers to ensure that certain violent video games accurately reflect norms of international humanitarian law (IHL)—games can be an important avenue toward disseminating knowledge and awareness of IHL and humanitarianism.


In light of the important role that such efforts have come to play in the humanitarian sector’s education and training initiatives, this podcast focuses on the objectives, design, and impact of these innovative pedagogical tools. Through a conversation with experts involved in studying, developing, and implementing a wide array of game-based modes of education and training, this podcast will examine several questions.


Key Questions:

  • What has been acheived throughout the humanitarian sector through the use of serious games, video games, and simulations?
  • How can these tools better prepare humanitarians to solve the complex problems faced during humanitarian fieldwork?
  • What are the challenges and limitations for these sorts of training methods?
  • What lessons learned are important to consider regarding the design and implementation of these tools?
Clark Abt
Adjunct Professor of Energy & Sustainable International Development, Brandeis University,
and Chairman Emeritus and Founder, Abt Associates, Inc.,
and author, "Serious Games" 
Mariam Adil 
Operations Analyst, World Bank,
and Founder, GRID - Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development
Twitter: @gamingfordev 
Asi Burak
CEO, Power Play,
and Chairman, Games for Change 
Twitter: @aburak
Christian Rouffaer 
Head of Unit, Virtual Reality, ICRC
Twitter: @ICRC




Silke Hampson's picture

Hello, how can I access the podcast afterwards? The timing is a bit late for me in my time zone.
Best regards, Silke

Julia Brooks's picture

Hi everyone, and thanks for your interest. You can listen to the audio recording above, or on our iTunes podcast feed: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/atha-podcast/id504974646?mt=2


NUSRAT ullah khan 's picture

Mariam nusrat is an innovator who believes social change is essential to break centuries old taboos which are preventing countless people from realizing life's potential gifted by Nature. She will surely succeed.

Gary Lebowitz's picture


I missed the event from 10-12 today on the use of serious games in humanitarian work. Are you making a recording of the event available to people like me? And, if so, could you tell me how to access it.


Gary Lebowitz

Geneva, Switzerland

Ranit MIshori's picture

I would be interested in listening to it or receiving a transcript.

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