Advanced Regional Workshops on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiations

ATHA is partnering with the Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation to offer these workshops:

Upcoming Past
Abuja, Nigeria: 5-8 September 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 3-6 July 2017
Amman, Jordan: 18-21 September 2017 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: 5-8 June 2017
Caux, Switzerland: 16-19 October 2017 Bangkok, Thailand: 24-27 April 2017
  Byblos, Lebanon: 27 February-2 March 2017
  Naivasha, Kenya: 5-7 December 2016





The Advanced Regional Workshops on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation offers a safe and informed space for humanitarian professionals engaged in frontline negotiation to share their experience as well as build their capacity to address recurring challenges and dilemmas of humanitarian negotiation in complex environments. The four-day Advanced Regional Workshops are designed to serve the needs of humanitarian professionals with a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience in operational negotiations.

Participants to the Advanced Regional Workshops are introduced to practical negotiation tools and methods elaborated on the basis of the latest empirical policy research conducted by the Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation, the Harvard ATHA Program as well as the Humanitarian Negotiation Exchange Platform of the ICRC.

Topics of the Advanced Regional Workshops include:

  • Strategic planning and critical thinking in complex environments
  • Conflict analysis and network assessment 
  • Planning and evaluating negotiation processes
  • Role of norms in negotiation processes
  • Humanitarian mediation
  • Setting priorities in frontline negotiations

The Workshops draws extensively from current negotiation practices as well as case studies on the most salient challenges and dilemmas of humanitarian negotiation.

The Workshops are open to national and international staff of humanitarian agencies and organizations working in conflict environments. Individuals interested in applying to the Advanced Regional Workshops should fill the Application Form below.

Applications are received on a rolling basis. Decisions on each individual application will be sent out within the 60-day period of application. For more information on the application process, please contact Anaïde Nahikian at

A cost-recovery fee of USD 500 is required from all participants so as to ensure the sustainability of the Advanced Regional Workshop Program. This fee covers all the instruction, material, conference rooms, lunches and coffee breaks during the four-day event. The fee, payable to ATHA / Harvard University is non-reimbursable but can be transferred to another similar ATHA event in a calendar year.

A Certificate of Participation will be delivered jointly by ATHA and the Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation to all the participants who completed the four-day Advanced Regional Workshop.

About ATHA

The Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action (ATHA) is a global, professional community that aims to capture new approaches and insights of practitioners in order to create a dynamic and creative space for sharing practice. Through focused research on practitioner questions, policy papers, and open debates, ATHA contributes to the growing body of research and analysis on humanitarian negotiation. Research materials and media will be made available to participants in preparation for the workshop sessions. ATHA is a program of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative's Humanitarian Academy at Harvard University and is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

About the Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation

The Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation is an initiative of Strategic Partnership on Humanitarian Negotiation composed of UNHCR, WFP, MSF, HD and the ICRC. Its mission is to foster a community of professionals engaged in frontline humanitarian negotiations across agencies and regions, promote critical reflections on the challenges and dilemmas of humanitarian negotiation and develop a stronger analytical framework for effective practice in this area. The Centre of Competence is staffed by professionals from its Strategic Partners and works closely with academic and policy partners across regions.


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