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Join us for an immersive, case-based training where you'll exchange experience and practice with colleagues across agencies about international humanitarian law and humanitarian protection and see first hand why these frameworks are so essential to effective operations. 

Seeking a better understanding of international humanitarian law, key humanitarian protection challenges, or the latest operational policy for protracted or transitional contexts? Browse the ATHA Thematic Areas and link here to hundreds of additional resources.

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This guest blog comes to us from Lina Biscaia, a former analyst with the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria. It originally appeared on the blog INTLAWGRRLS.

Last month marked the seventh anniversary of the Syrian uprising. The Syrian more...

Ring Road around Jalalabad © Peretz Partensky / Creative Commons

Earlier this week, at least 7 people were killed and 31 injured in a devastating and targeted attack on Save the Children’s office in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. A local affiliate of the so-called Islamic State group quickly claimed responsibility for the more...

András D Hajdú/IRIN

This guest blog comes from Joysheel Shrivastava. Joysheel is a 4th year B.B.A LLB Student at O. P. Jindal Global Law School in India, where she is pursuing her law degree. She has a keen interest in international law, with a special focus on international humanitarian law and conflict studies.


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